XLCloud Overview Flexi Series Performa Series Supra Series Common Features

From personal use to easily securing and accessing your files from anywhere, for accessible backups, through to professional, reliable and ease of sharing within small teams, to dozens, hundreds or thousands across the globe, our XLCloud solution, built on Nextcloud, is offered in flexible plans so you can start small and move as your needs grow.

Nextcloud - a safe place to keep your data

XLCloud leverages the power of Nextcloud - the most popular private storage solution in the world - trusted and used by governments, telcos, FORTUNE 500 companies, NGOs, businesses of all sizes, to individuals wanting the most secure and reliable product available.

XLCloud delivers the reliability, security and power of the open source Nextcloud to you as a managed subscription service.

Enjoy the flexibility of syncing, sharing and accessing your files across all major user platforms. Clients are available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS and iPadOS, while your data is also accessible through any web browser and through industry standard WebDAV protocols for application native access.

XLCloud Overview Flexi Series Performa Series Supra Series Common Features


  • Centralized data storage - Always have access to your data via a web browser or Nextcloud application on any device
  • Always Secure - You, and you alone, decide who has access to your data - something traditional cloud storage vendors do not promise
  • Teamwork - Realtime folder sharing and optional integration with online office suites Collabora or OnlyOffice
  • Open Source - XLCloud is built on industry leading open source cloud software by Nextcloud
  • Secure Communications - Available via the Nextcloud App Store, leverage Nextcloud Talk to for fully encrypted and private text, audio and video communications
  • Fully Secured Sharing - Share files, folders, calendars and contacts with other XLCloud users or via public links (optionally password and time limited) from any device
  • Integrated with Email - Available for Thunderbird and Outlook, plugins to automatically replace large attachments with a link
  • Start small and grow as you need to - plans start from S$25 per month with 500GB
  • Unlimited number of users - pay only for the performance and storage you need
  • XLCloud Options for High Performance, Growth or Flexible storage to suit your needs
  • Full Nextcloud Administration control panel access - customize to your needs
    • Add users and install plugin and extensions to suit your requirements
  • Comes with a personalize server URL (yourname.xlcloud.io) or optionally extend to your own domain (e.g. cloud.yourdomain.com) for a more professional look.
  • Multiple servers can be federated for granular control
    • Separate administration control
    • Still able to share files and folders cross teams and servers
  • Extendable with plugins for versioning/undelete, chat, voice and video conferencing, calendaring and contact/address books - over a 100 applications available to extend your implementation.
  • Options for integrated user sign-in and enrollment with existing security systems
    • No new password to remember
  • XLRestore - Optional 30-day cycle backup of all your files - fully encrypted and stored off-site for increased protection
XLCloud Overview Flexi Series Performa Series Supra Series Common Features

Finding the Right Fit

We offer the different series for XLCloud so you can find the right fit for your needs - from low-cost storage through to high-performance storage for high-volume synchronization scenarios.

XLCloud Flexi Series

The Flexi Series are focused on storage capacity, with the aim of providing the most storage possible for the lowest cost, with ample speed for typical usage scenarios.

The Flexi series is ideal for storing large amounts of data that is primarily created and not frequently modified. Great as a private distribution platform for large format media such as video, high-definition graphics and publishing media.

All Flexi series automatically adjust their storage usage based on your usage patterns - any overage is charged on a month average - not peak consumed or total at the end of month - so no nasty bill shock or permanent commitments to storage you do not need everyday.

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XLCloud Performa Series

The Performa Series are focused on increasing performance with storage capacity able to grow with your needs.

The Performa Series is ideal for typical office storage scenarios where teams are editing and creating small to medium files utilized by an extended team.

The Performa Series utilize fixed storage to maximize performance while enable you to have predictable costs, with flexible sizing up to 16TB.

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XLCloud Supra Series

The Supra Series are focused on pure performance for high volume data change scenarios.

The Supra Series utilize fixed storage, available up to 3.8TB, to maximize throughput performance.

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Need something special or different for your needs? Don’t worry - contact us today - let us see how we can help!

XLCloud Overview Flexi Series Performa Series Supra Series Common Features

XLCloud Feature List

The following features are common across all XLCloud series and tiers.

Area Function Info
Files File Storage Upload, sync, comments, tags, multiple versions, move files via web interface or application
File Sharing Share via user, email, link, social media sites, password protection and expiration date. Can allow user without an account (just email) to edit a document.
Full Text Search Yes
Folder Sharing Share via user, email, link, social media sites, password protection and expiration date. Can allow user to view and upload.
PDF Viewer Yes
Photo Galleries Yes
Document Editing Yes - including for Email Users with no Login (via shared link)
Activity Tracking Yes
Large File Support Yes
Storage Quota per User Yes
File Access Control Yes
File Locking Yes
Federation Sharing files across Nextcloud servers
Clients Web Client Accessible though any standard browser inc. FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE & Edge
Desktop Clients Windows, Mac, Linux
Mobile Clients Google Play Android Nextcloud
Apple AppStore Nextcloud (iOS & iPadOS)
F-Droid Open Source Repository Android client
Apps App Store / Marketplace Yes - Over 100 apps listed in the Nextcloud app store
Audio/Video Chat Yes - Includes push notifications
Audio/Video Player Yes
Bookmarks App Yes
Calendar App Yes
Contacts App Yes
Email Yes - Nextcloud Mail app plus RainLoop integration app for IMAP access
Notes Yes
Weather Yes
Security Two Factor Authentication Multiple methods available with enforcement
Brute Force Protection Yes
Rate Limiting Yes
Other Features User Groups Yes via Circles app which allows users to create their own groups
Resource Monitoring Yes
Online Office Suites Yes - Optional integrations available
Third Party Authentication Yes
Theme Customization Site Icon, Header Logo, Login Background
Role Based Administration Yes
Workflow Yes
Accessibility WCAG 2.0 AA and AAA standard compliance, Keyboard/screen reader support
Translations 33 languages available
XLCloud Overview Flexi Series Performa Series Supra Series Common Features