Using your own domain you can host unlimited users/email accounts (and aliases), have cloud storage, host a static website, manage address books, and calendaring.

Compatible with all major Operating Systems and Mail & Calendaring solutions including Mac OS Mail, Thunderbird, Evolution, Microsoft Outlook, iPhone (iOS), iPad (iPadOS) and Android.

Access your email either through a email client or from a web browser. Includes Mail hosting email rules so your email is self organizing without you needing to connect.

Starting at on S$25 per month, everything you need to get your business online and looking professional.

XLMailBox Tier 1

SKU Memory vCPU Storage S$ Per Month S$ XLRestore
XLMBT1/25ST/11251000 1GB RAM 1 vCPU 100GB S$25.00 S$5.00
XLMBT1/25CO/42251000 4GB RAM 2 vCPU 100GB S$85.00 S$17.00
XLMBT1/25GP/82251000 8GB RAM 2 vCPU 100GB S$120.00 S$24.00

XLMailBox Tier 2

SKU Memory vCPU Storage S$ Per Month S$ XLRestore
XLMBT2/50ST/21502000 2GB RAM 1 vCPU 200GB S$50.00 S$10.00
XLMBT2/50ST/22602000 2GB RAM 2 vCPU 200GB S$60.00 S$12.00
XLMBT2/50ST/42802000 4GB RAM 2 vCPU 200GB S$70.00 S$14.00
XLMBT2/50ST/841602000 8GB RAM 4 vCPU 200GB S$100.00 S$20.00
XLMBT2/50ST/1663202000 16GB RAM 6 vCPU 200GB S$170.00 S$34.00
XLMBT2/50ST/3286402000 32GB RAM 8 vCPU 200GB S$300.00 S$60.00
XLMBT2/50ST/48129602000 48GB RAM 12 vCPU 200GB S$440.00 S$88.00
XLMBT2/50ST/641612802000 64GB RAM 16 vCPU 200GB S$580.00 S$116.00
XLMBT2/50ST/962019202000 96GB RAM 20 vCPU 200GB S$850.00 S$170.00
XLMBT2/50ST/1282425602000 128GB RAM 24 vCPU 200GB S$1,110.00 S$222.00
XLMBT2/50ST/1923238402000 192GB RAM 32 vCPU 200GB S$1,650.00 S$330.00

XLMailBox Tier 3

SKU Memory vCPU Storage S$ Per Month S$ XLRestore
XLMBT3/50CO/84504000 8GB RAM 4 vCPU 400GB S$200.00 S$40.00
XLMBT3/50GP/164504000 16GB RAM 4 vCPU 400GB S$270.00 S$54.00
XLMBT3/50CO/1681004000 16GB RAM 8 vCPU 400GB S$340.00 S$68.00
XLMBT3/50GP/3281004000 32GB RAM 8 vCPU 400GB S$470.00 S$94.00
XLMBT3/50CO/32162004000 32GB RAM 16 vCPU 400GB S$600.00 S$120.00
XLMBT3/50GP/64162004000 64GB RAM 16 vCPU 400GB S$880.00 S$176.00

XLMailBox Options

SKU Description S$ Per Month S$ XLRestore
XLMBTX/0ADD-BLK/1000 Additional 100GB Storage Space S$18.00 S$4.00